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We purchased the ranch in 1979.  The ranch is known for its high quality alfalfa and grass hay, as well as producing outstanding Quarter Horses, destined for the Cutting, Reined Cow Horse, Reining, Roping and ranch horse disciplines.  We take pride in the genetics of our small elite broodmare band and the babies that come from the crosses on the best stallions.

Hay Sales

Alfalfa and Grass

We produce our own high quality 100% alfalfa and grass hay. 1-3 cut.

For more information on hay sales please
contact Ranch Manager, Roy Fenster

ranch: 406-777-2115

cell: 406-239-4572


Foaling Services

During foaling season mares are booked on a first come, first serve basis and on our ability to schedule them into the foaling calendar.

In most cases, pregnant mares should arrive on the ranch a minimum of 30-45 days prior to foaling so the mare can form important anti-bodies prior to delivery. Generally, mares stay at the farm for 10-14 days following the birth of their foals and then are shipped out for breeding or return to their home farms. Month to month board for mares is also available.


We offer the following services and amenities:

11 stall barn with radiant floor heat
6 stall non heated barn with runs & automatic waters
All necessary paperwork
Daytime turnout
Large, clean stalls with window or the option of an outside run
Careful attention to changes in nutritional needs thoroughout pregnancy
Daily grooming & handling
Straw bedding for foaling
24hr. monitoring w/ in-stall cameras
Foal Alert monitor system
Experienced foaling attendants
Routine newborn care
On-Call emergency veterinary service as needed
Newborn foal pictures
60 foot round pen for turnout in cold or icy weather conditions
Pasture or paddock turnout for mares & newborns when weather is appropriate

Vanning to local veterinarian facilities or stallion stations

Our entire barn is completely stripped, power-washed and disinfected prior to each foaling season and stalls are disinfected each time a new mare is brought in for foaling. Every precaution is taken to insure a clean, dry, safe and healthy environment for the birth of each foal.

Contact: Equine Manager

Dottie Brinkely
406 802 4455



Ranch Owner
Roy Fenster
Ranch Manager
Dottie Brinkely
Equine Manager
Dick Richardson DVM
Veterinary Physician


Horse Care

Our knowledgeable, resident staff is highly skilled and works diligently to provide the best care possible.

Sale Horse

We're dedicated to breeding quality working cow performance horses that are world class in their respective fields.


We produce our own high quality alfalfa and grass hay. Available for sale.

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